• Janet Thompson Jackson

Awaken Your Resiliency

We have the innate ability to learn resiliency. Whew. I felt relieved to learn that.

We all could use some resiliency right now. Resiliency is the ability to cope with all types of challenges and crises, whether it’s something that disappoints us, something that breaks our hearts, or some tragedy that takes us to our knees. Resiliency allows us to draw from our internal and external reserves to endure, recover, and even thrive.

How do we awaken our resiliency? Experts recommend the following tools:

- Mindful acknowledgment of the challenges you are experiencing – we actually learn resilience through experiencing difficult times. Learning to sit with our feelings helps build resilience while pushing them down builds more anxiety.

- Calming practices such as meditation and conscious breathing.

- Intentionally and consistently replacing catastrophic thoughts with empowering thoughts.

- Practicing self-compassion. No judgment, just heartfelt compassion expressed inward.

- Reaching out to your community and allowing others to help.

- Consciously and regularly focusing on and expressing gratitude for the good things and people in your life.

- Journaling your progress as you learn to be more resilient. What are you noticing as you use your tools to awaken your resiliency?

- Reading and viewing positive, uplifting messages, such as the poem below:

My Advice to You – Victoria Erickson

My advice to you is to soften into the discomfort.

Accept it.

Know that it’s gifting your growth, fuel, and grit.

Whatever it may be that you’re claiming this year as your desire and dream, I wish you the comfort within the discomfort.

The stillness within the unease. The softening within the stretch.

And mostly, I wish you the match that lights and revives the fire to keep you going.

Because you can. Keep going.

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