Well-Law guides law students and lawyers in responding differently to the stresses of law school and practice so that instead of resorting to the overuse of alcohol, drugs, food, or other damaging behaviors, they can successfully manage their daily demands in healthy ways while learning to shift to positive thinking patterns.



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Given the demands of high-performing leaders, Janet knows that daily “work-life balance” is unrealistic for many people.  Instead, Janet collaborates with clients to create individualized, sustainable wellness programs that aim for a weekly integration of self-care practices.

Law Students

Well-Law is designed to give law students the tools they need to not just survive law school,
but to thrive.



"I am thankful for a space where PJJ [Professor Janet Jackson] has acknowledged the stressful times that everyone is going through and offered to listen if we needed it. It helped to have a professor acknowledge what we’re going through and to affirm that it is okay if it takes some time to adjust or even find a new routine. Simply having PJJ affirm my feelings was extremely reassuring for me, it made me feel seen."


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