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Yoga Journey

After years of a casual yoga practice, Janet began to study yoga seriously as a way to manage her chronic pain. Through her yoga practice, Janet has experienced a healing journey that continues today. On the mat Janet is both student and teacher. Her practice provides an ongoing landscape of learning about patience, strength, surrender, fear, compassion, and ultimately, self-love. In her teaching she meets each student where they are and she has a passion for making yoga accessible to people regardless of age, lack of income, race, gender, or ability.‚Äč

Janet is a certified yoga teacher

Janet is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200-hour) and is currently pursuing Science of Mindful Awareness (SOMA) certification in meditation and yoga therapy under the direction of Deborah Norris, PhD, C-IAYT, founder and director of The Mindfulness Center, and James Folks, C-IAYT.

Wellness Breaks

Think you don’t have time for self-care? Blend one of these quick (less than 5 min!) movement or mindfulness exercises into your day. Video curtesy of KTWU-TV.

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Group Stretching


U Love U Yoga

Mobile & Online Yoga Classes

Janet offers mobile yoga classes for community groups, places of worship, businesses, and educational institutions. She also hosts pop up classes in public spaces from time to time and teaches yoga online by appointment. Janet specializes in gentle and restorative yoga with a mix of energizing sequences. Her classes are welcoming for all, regardless of age, disability, or yoga level.


Retreats are a wonderful way to restore, learn, and reboot. See the events page for more information!

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