Find Your Delight!


Nov 17, 2020

What delights you?  Yep, I know we’re still in a pandemic and yet I’m asking you to take a moment to think about delight.  Why? Because so many of us may have lost our sense of delight these past months.  If that’s you, I invite you to delight in something today – and every day.

Is you office your home these days?  Look around.  What in your home delights you?  A photograph or a painting?  A song playing in the background or a pet?

Look out the window.  Do you see something that delights you?  A bird or a flower?   Raindrops or sunshine?  The changing colors of the leaves?

Even in the midst of crisis we can experience delight.  Even in the midst of grief we can experience delight.  Even in the midst of busyness we can experience delight.

So, I hope you choose to be delighted today.  And when you find your delight, sit with it for a few minutes.  Let that delight seep into your soul.  Collect and create moments of delight every day.  And then share your delight with someone else who may need to find something to delight in today.

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