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What is an Executive Wellness Coach?

As an Executive Wellness Coach I will guide you in whole life transformation. An EWC is more than a health coach, who focuses primarily on a person's physical health. As your Executive Wellness Coach I will help you make improvements in specific areas such as career, post-career, relationships, health & nutrition, and overall wellness. I work primarily with academics and high-performing leaders to help them gain self-awareness, clarify their goals, and realize their full potential. My personal commitment to integrating health and wellness practices into her daily routine informs my approach to coaching.
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“Through our wellness coaching sessions, Janet has helped me identify my wellness goals and work towards them in concrete ways. Her specific suggestions have reduced my stress load so much. She has helped me realize that I do not have to settle for a mentality of “just getting through it” at work. Thanks to her consistent coaching, I can now see that I deserve to thrive and live with ease in all aspects of my life, both work and personal. And she is helping me towards making that happen in my life.”
- Law Professor and Coaching Client

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