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What is Paraplu Wellness?

Paraplu means umbrella in Dutch. Just as umbrellas are used for protection from the rain, sun, snow, and other weather, the Paraplu umbrella represents the ways wellness knowledge and practices can protect us from, and help us to manage, the stressors in our lives. We can’t always control those stressors, just like we can’t control the weather. What we can do is to develop the skills, and ultimately the resilience, to weather any storm in our lives.

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Hi, I’m Janet

I’m a wellness & leadership coach, yoga teacher, legal educator, diversity and belonging specialist, nonprofit consultant, media host, and general justice seeker. It’s true that I don’t fit into a conventional box, but my highly synergistic set of knowledge and skills allow me to guide students, lawyers, and other high-performing professionals to long-term wellness. Are you ready for a transformation? 


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