Today is a good day for self-compassion


Oct 19, 2020

Even as I write this I’m in the process of practicing self-compassion.  My morning didn’t begin as planned and that led to my schedule being off.  In my rush to catch up while grabbing my first meal of the day, I ended up spilling most of my food on my papers and the floor.  Ugh.


In the back of my mind I heard a small voice starting to say, “You wouldn’t be in this situation if…”  And that’s when I stopped and smiled.  As I cleaned up my mess, I decided to practice self-compassion instead of allowing that voice to get bigger and louder.  I told myself, it’s okay.  This can be cleaned up.  What do I need to feel better right now?  What do I need to feel more grounded and ready for the day and week ahead?  And I allowed the answers to slowly rise up.  I sat down and ate my meal and appreciated those moments of quiet and nourishment.  I felt better.  I also realized that I may need some extra self-care today.  Maybe a walk in the park or time listening to soothing music.  Maybe I will take a few minutes to journal my thoughts while sitting outside on my balcony enjoying the fall colors.  Maybe I will reach out to friends for some connection time.


We can all cultivate self-compassion – the act of being gentle, supportive, and kind toward ourselves, even when we make mistakes.  My bumpy morning could have defined my day, but I knew it didn’t have to.  I didn’t have to buy into the mindset of “it’s going to be a bad day” or “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” or “I’m a hot mess this morning.”   Instead, I’m giving myself some time to stop and reflect.  I’m giving myself permission to show up with whatever flaws, imperfections, and spills the day brings.  And, I’m holding myself gently through the day, knowing that I need a little extra self-love today.

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