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What is Paraplu Wellness?

Paraplu means umbrella in Dutch. Just as umbrellas are used for protection from the rain, sun, snow, and other weather, the Paraplu umbrella represents the ways wellness knowledge and practices can protect us from, and help us to manage, the stressors in our lives. We can’t always control those stressors, just like we can’t control the weather. What we can do is to develop the skills, and ultimately the resilience, to weather any storm in our lives.

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4 Weeks of Mindful Living

Practicing mindfulness can seem deceptively simple and yet frustratingly complex at the same time.  What does it mean to live mindfully, anyway?  Imagine yourself having lunch.  But instead of checking your email or social media while you’re eating, you focus your attention on your food and the experience of eating.  You observe the colors, textures, and aromas of your food; you are aware of how the food or utensils feel in your hand; you close your eyes and fully experience the feel of the food in your mouth as you try to distinguish each flavor; and, finally, you have a present awareness of how this food makes your body feel.  That kind of mindful eating is a part of mindful living.

We can choose to incorporate mindfulness into all areas of our lives.  What about all of the random thoughts and distractions that will inevitably enter our minds?  The good news is that distractions and even difficult emotions are not obstacles to mindfulness.  Living mindfully does not require the absence of thoughts, it simply requires the consistent practice of cultivating awareness in the present moment.  You can even think of distractions as an opportunity to return to the present moment – over and over again.  Difficult emotions can be seen as opportunities to gain a new perspective.


This is Wellness PODCAST

What does it mean to live well? It’s more than food and exercise. It includes laughter, healthy relationships, physical and emotional safety, environmental health, protection from racism and discrimination, and financial stability to name a few. Join wellness coach and law professor Janet Thompson Jackson as she explores the multi-dimensions of wellness through stories, guest interviews, and meditations.


I’m Janet

My daughter says that I have a lot of jobs. I’m a wellness coach, yoga teacher, law professor, nonprofit consultant, writer, media host, diversity and belonging collaborator, and general justice seeker. It’s true that I don’t fit into a conventional box, but my highly synergistic set of knowledge and skills allows me to guide students, lawyers, and other high-performing professionals to long-term wellness. Are you ready for a transformation? 


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